Archives Collection 13 : Elyakim (Peter) Taussig

Peter Taussig, pianist, was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 27 Feb 1944. He received the first MMUS in performance granted by the University of Toronto in 1970, and formed the ensemble Camerata in 1973. He has been active as a performer, composer and educator. See the Canadian Encyclopedia for a full biography.
Audio tapes, video art works, correspondence, compositions and arrangements, scrapbooks, and term papers for graduate courses.

150 tapes (7 1/2 in.), 3 files, 6 v.: 4 m.

Elyakim (Peter )Taussig 1993.
Personal website

Audio tapes.
Collection of tapes (7 1/2 in.) + MS and typescript indexes.
Catatonics, and other video art works.
1 file of scores, scripts, and publicity materials.
1 file of letters, cards and photographs.
Musical compositions and arrangements.
Cabaret suite : for piano, 1983 -- My friend Ludwig : for piano and orchestra, including arrangements by Glenn Morley, and Ode to jazz by Doug Riley, 1983 -- John (Sebastian) O'Canada : for piano, 1984 -- Hantarish : for two pianos, 1986 -- Braithwaite's original brass band : a musical space adventure, for narrator and symphony orchestra : story by Peter Stevenson, 1989 -- Für Elise, s.d. -- Love unspoken : for two pianos, s.d.
Scrapbooks : newspaper clippings, and programs.
6 v.
Term papers for graduate courses.
Written for the first Mus. M. degree in Performance granted by the University of Toronto.