Archives Collection 21 : Arthur Hartmann

Arthur Hartmann, American violinist, composer and writer was born 7 October 1881 and died 30 March 30 1956. From 1931-1933 he maintained a studio in Toronto. See “Claude Debussy as I knew him” and other writings of Arthur Hartmann, University of Rochester Press, 2003, for more biographical information.

Scope : Photograph, correspondence.

: 1 file, .02 m.

: Doreen Hall, 1987

There are large holdings of music manuscripts and correspondence in the Hartmann Collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Arthur Hartmann Collection of the Sibley Music Library.

Photograph(19 x 24 cm, signed "For W. G. Hall / In sympathetic remembrance and with heartfelt-good wishes / In the Great Wilderness / Feb. 27th Anno MacMillan I.) 1932.
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Correspondence (Collection of ALS and TLS from Marion Bauer, William Berwald, Alberto Bimboni (2), Hanson Booth(2), Gena Branscombe, Eddy Brown, Renee Chemet, Benjamin de Casseres, Geza and Norah de Kresz (3), William H. Goschen, Henry Hadley (2), Philip James (2), Alberto Jonas, Christiaan Kriens, Luigi von Kunits, Jane Rogers, Lazare Saminsky, Vladimir Shavitch, Ed Stringham, Oliver Strunk, Deems Taylor, R. W. Woiceske, Mabel Wood-Hill) 1924-1937.
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