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Ezra Schabas, academic administrator, teacher, and writer, was born in New York 24 Apr 1924, and has lived in Canada since 1950. He has written journal and dictionary articles, prepared six reports 1966-88 on aspects of music in Canada, and published five monographs. See the Canadian Encyclopedia for a full biography.

Thomas, Theodore (1835-1905), formed his own orchestra in1862 and gave concerts in many American cities, always including some unfamiliar work. He conducted the New York Philharmonic 1877 91, and was the first conductor of the Chicago Symphony 1891 1905.

Correspondence, copies of sources, notes, illustrations, and other working papers for his Theodore Thomas : America's conductor and builder of orchestras, 1835-1905 , University of Indiana Press, 1989

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Ezra Schabas


Extensive Theodore Thomas collections are held by the Library of Congress, The Chicago History Museum, and The Newberry Library